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What is the main advantage of choosing chain link?
Chain link is a popular, attractive and cost- effective fence.

What are the main purposes of chain link fence?
A very popular choice for homes with children, dogs or swimming pools, as well as commercial and industrial use. Chain link
is a virtually maintenance-free fence.

What makes PrivacyLink® chain link different?
PrivacyLink® offers a large selection of chain link fence products. Both our residential and commercial fence systems have been time tested to offer long-lasting, virtually no-maintenance fencing at affordable prices.

What kind of wire do you use?
PrivacyLink® uses the highest quality wire available in the marketplace. We use wire that is galvanized before weaving (GBW) as well as aluminized wire to manufacture your chain link fence. We also offer vinyl coated wire that is made by the thermally fused and bonded method.

Is chain link available in different colors?
Yes. PrivacyLink® chain link is available in your choice of seven colors including: beige, redwood, black, white, forest green, gray and redwood.

Do you also offer privacy slats for the chain link?
Yes. We do offer the largest selection of chain link slats you will find anywhere. Because of the added wind load, we would be happy to recommend a fence professional in your area to help you with the framework and fittings that would be most beneficial for you.

Is the chain link available in different sizes?
Yes. Chain link is manufactured at many different heights, wire gauges and diamond/mesh sizes.

How do I know which wire gauge and diamond size is best for my fence project?
We would be happy to recommend a fence professional in your area to see what is most commonly used and why.